Nutritional industries carry a heavy burden of responsibility for the health of the people who consume their products. That is why, at every stage of business development, it is necessary to pay increased attention and interest to every detail: construction, delivery, development of new methods, purchase of new equipment, and so on. Sinoma is fully aware of the responsibilities that it entails. Therefore, during the construction of objects of the agro-industrial complex and the food industry, special attention is paid to the strictest observance of sanitary-epidemiological and environmental standards. The projects implemented by Sinoma fully comply with the IFS (International Food Standard) requirements. At the same time, industry production standards are taken into account as much as possible. Sinoma guarantees optimal design solutions, technological and logistic schemes of agro-industrial complexes, including the acceptance of raw materials, their processing, as well as storage, packaging and shipment of the final product.


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